Friday, February 10, 2017

Grasses..Pastel..Texas Artist..Rae Andrews

I am on a roll now with DUSTING. It works so well on very textured surface, but beware, you can overdo this technique.
Here is the above image with additional DUSTING.
 I LOVE this technique!

I had this odd off cut of paper, and have no idea what it was though. It's a dark maroon color and is sanded. Any ideas?

Anyway, I had mounted it onto some archival foam core a few years ago so why not use it?

The format is quite elongated and poses problems or should I say, challenges to the artist, composition wise.

I chose to do just tall brambles and grasses, really playing with the various textures.
I used an alcohol wash under painting in parts, let it dry and then worked the pastels over the top.

I don't usually do this technique of underneath washes, but this paper took the wet media so why not?

I hope you like it.

This image is 8" x 22" unframed.
$300 plus S/H

It is also available in prints at:

Rae conducts demonstrations and workshops in all media.
Please contact her through this blog or via her website at:

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