Monday, February 13, 2017

New "Oak Alley" Palette Knife Painting by Texas Artist Niki Gulley

"Oak Alley" ©2017 Niki Gulley
16" x 20" textured oil painting

I painted this colorful oak lined alleyway a couple of weeks ago on location at the Fort Worth Stock Yards. I was attracted to the contrast of light and shadows and the way the oaks lined up to lead you down this dappled path into the background Spanish archway, which was illuminated in glowing whites and yellows by the sun. The colors were duller than this and I wanted a warmer feeling to the scene since it was a chilly morning, so I enhanced the hues to create an uplifting backdrop full of color and energy. Utilizing thick paint and palette knife, I also created a lot of texture and movement with my strokes to add to the joyful feeling of painting on this beautiful morning.

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