Friday, April 7, 2017

New "Tuscan Dreams" Palette Knife Poppy Field Painting by Niki Gulley

“Tuscan Dreams" ©2017 Niki Gulley
24" x 24" textured oil painting on wrap around canvas

Inspired from a wonderful trip to Tuscany, I wanted this piece to be uplifting and full of joy and energy. Set beneath a colorful sky with a few clouds drifting by on a beautiful day in springtime, the poppies and wildflowers are in full bloom. Using broken impressionistic strokes in surprising hues, causes the landscape to dance and flow, and I hope all of your cares drift away while gazing into this cheerful scene.

You can paint and photograph these very views if you join us for our Tuscany Workshop in 2017. Don’t miss out on an amazing trip! There are just a two spaces left. See art for details or e-mail Niki Gulley for more information.

To view more of my contemporary impressionistic landscape paintings, check out

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